Terms & Conditions

1.              Tashtebati Online is an e-commerce intermediary, specialized in displaying building materials and their specifications which are provided by the suppliers and building materials dealers.

2.              The client acknowledges that the supplier and building materials dealers are the responsible parties for any missing or damaged goods ordered by the client, and the supplier is responsible for any warranty or future maintenance for the purchased goods.

3.              Tashtebati Online is not responsible for any current or future damages to the goods, the condition of the goods and the products is the sole responsibility of the supplier.

4.              Tashtebati Online displays a variety of merchandise from the suppliers and we make sure they offer these goods at competitive prices for our clients. The buyer acknowledges that these goods with their stated specifications and any flaws they might or might not have are the sole responsibility of the supplier, Tashtebati online is not responsible for it in any way.

5.              Our website displays goods and products with their specific details and information, Tashtebati is only in charge of the collection process, we do not have any ties or future obligations to the buyer regarding the sold goods and products.

6.              There is an estimated delivery date for the goods and products in the display page for each product, that date is set by the supplier. Our website urges all the suppliers to deliver the merchandise during the estimated period. The website is not liable for any delay in delivering purchased goods through the suppliers.

7.              There is an estimated time for installing the goods and products in the display page for each product. Our website urges all the suppliers to deliver the merchandise during the estimated period. The website is not liable for any delay in installing purchased goods through the suppliers.

8.              Tashtebati Online with its website and application is pleased to offer a wide range of building materials and other products to its clients and investors. Tashtebati strives to provide an array of special services, such as quantity calculators and introductory videos for the products among other services, and we are working on adding more.

9.              The information displayed for each product is provided by the supplier or the supplying company, the buyer acknowledges and agrees that Tashtebati and its owners are not responsible for any misinformation or inaccurate information displayed, and the supplier takes full responsibility towards the buyer.

10.         In case of errors in the delivered quantity or errors in the product type, you should inform Tashtebati immediately. Our website will contact the supplier to address this issue.

11.         Our payment methods are either k-net, as shown during the checkout procedure, or by requesting a payment link from our website customer service representatives with the price agreed upon, or you can agree on other payment methods with the other parties.

12.         The terms and conditions are subject to change and amendments without notifying any party. It is the user’s responsibility to stay up to date with our terms and conditions by checking them on a daily basis.

13.         Tashtebati online is not liable for any damages the users might incur in case our website gets sabotaged by viruses or hackers or other agents of disruption.

14.         Tashtebati Online is maintained diligently and is always ready for improvement. We strive to address and solve any issues our users might face in a timely manner. Our website is subject to maintenance and servicing from time to time.

15. The customer should read the product details on the product page which contains information about the product and  some conditions from the supplier.